Guillaume Ducrozet


  • Professeur des universités
  • Professor in Ocean Engineering
  • Deputy Director of LHEEA Lab. - Centrale Nantes and CNRS
  • Erasmus Mundus REM+ coordinator for ECN


Téléphone :
(+33) 240 371 645
Courriel :
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Laboratoire de recherche en Hydrodynamique, Énergétique et Environnement Atmosphérique (LHEEA)

Équipe de recherche



My current research interests focus on the numerical modelling of nonlinear gravity waves in oceans and wave tanks. I work on the development of efficient numerical models in this concern and especially with pseudo-spectral methods (High-Order Spectral approach). Using those models, I am interested in the understanding of nonlinear processes during wave generation and propagation (instabilities, freak waves…). The inclusion of additional physical processes in nonlinear wave models is now my primary concern: variable bathymetry, wind forcing, whitecapping dissipation…

In addition, I work in close collaboration with other members of LHEEA Lab. for wave-structure interactions and the set-up of efficient coupling strategies: RANS solvers with SWENS approach or SPH method.

My research activities lead me to take part to different collaborations and research projects. For instance:
  • ANR projects (Dysturb, CREATIF, SOGOOD, etc.)
  • H2020 projects (FLOATECH)
  • French Investment for the future (IRT Jules Verne, LabEx MER, ISite NExT, etc.)
Parcours Since 2022: Professor of Ocean Engineering in Ecole Centrale Nantes
2020: Habilitation - Accreditation to supervize research (HDR) - University of Nantes (HDR document)
2010-2022: Associate Professor in Ecole Centrale Nantes
2009-2010: Postdoctoral Researcher - Ecole Centrale Nantes
2008-2009: Postdoctoral Researcher - Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark
2007-2008: Postdoctoral Researcher - Ecole Centrale Nantes
2004-2007: PhD student in Ecole Centrale Nantes (PhD document)
Enseignement My teaching activities takes place at Ecole Centrale de Nantes and are mainly:
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Water Waves and Sea States Modeling

Those different activities are part of:
Encadrements Doctorants en cours
Matthieu Tierno (2023-) ; Gopalakrishnan Balasubramanian (2023-) ; Sabrine Akkari (2023-) ; Ying Wang (2022-) ; Athanasios Dermatis (2022-) ; Maxime Canard (2020-) ; Yohan Poirier (2016-)

Anciens doctorants
Shinwoong Kim (2023 PhD) ; Sithik Aliyar (2022 PhD) ; Marion Huchet (2021 PhD) ; Nicolas Desmars (2020 PhD) ; Zhaobin Li (2018 PhD) ; Maïté Gouin (2016 PhD) ; Lucas Letournel (2015 PhD)
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