[Patent] Hybrid Manufacturing
Method and machining device by combined addition of material and shaping

This new solution consists of a combined material addition and shaping machining process i.e. the ability to move, as and when required, from material addition (additive manufacture) to material substraction (machining) and vice versa using the same machining head.

This manufacturing method is particularly suitable for producing parts whose three-dimensional shape or microgeometric surface quality is not achievable by the machining processes when material addition and shaping are applied separately.

This solution can produce parts of complex shape in a single block with more powerful characteristics, compared to parts manufactured using traditional techniques with element assembly (welding for example).

Potential applications

  • Production of complex parts
  • Repair of complex parts
  • Production of multi-material and variable property gradient parts
  • Rapid Prototyping

Advantages of the technology

  • Production quality
  • Higher performance characteristics
  • Production of more complex shapes without assembly
  • Compatible with all types of metal materials (heterogeneous, titanium, stainless steel etc)


Patent filed in France in December 2011 and granted (FR2983424)
Extensions: Europe, US, Canada, China, Japan and South Korea

Curent state of development

Hybrid machine operational: developed and tested for numerous parts.


LS2N - Laboratory of Digital Sciences of Nantes 

Published on December 13, 2017 Updated on February 27, 2024