Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee


The President of the Board of Governors, the Board of Governors, the Academic Council, the Scientific Council and the Scientific Integrity and Professional Conduct representatives may refer matters to the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee. Any person confronted with a situation raising questions of ethics, professional conduct or scientific integrity may also refer matters to the Committee.
It may itself decide to take up a matter raising questions of ethics, professional conduct or scientific integrity.
The Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee shall determine, for each matter, whether or not it may be made public.


You will find here the list of documents related to the committee's mandate:


Procedure for referring cases to the committee and for processing them

In the event of a situation identified by a staff member, a user or the committee: issues regarding plagiarism / intellectual property, scientific integrity, conflict of interest etc.

  • Step 1: Referral to the committee
    • Contact directly or by e-mail (member's address or generic address:
  • Step 2: First meeting with the individual(s) who referred the matter to the committee
  • Step 3: Meeting with the other people involved in the case
  • Step 4: Mediation (internal)
  • Step 5: Meeting with the protagonists and proposed solution
  • Step 6: External consultation (if necessary)

Interventions for PhD students, researchers, students etc.
Here you will find the list of the actions implemented over time.

  • See this page (in French, reserved for staff) the ethics training course for PhD students provided on 1 July 2021 by Laurent Stainier as part of the Ecole des docteurs Bretagne Loire, supplemented by presentations by Pierrick Guégan (CRED) and Jérémy Ohana (LHEEA - Ocean Tanks).



Affiliated institution(s)
Director's Office
The committee has three members. The Technical Committee, the Scientific Council and the Academic Council each nominate one member to the School's Board of Governors, which appoints them for a non-renewable four-year term. The committee appoints its chairman from among its members.
On 14 March 2024, the Board of Governors appointed Jean-Marc ROUSSET, Ina TARALOVA and Boris CONAN as members of the Ethics Committee (on the recommendation of the Social Management Committee, the Academic Council and the Scientific Council).
Published on October 13, 2020 Updated on March 20, 2024