Development and Project Engineering


Within the Development Department, the role of the Development and Project Engineering team is to provide support:
  • for the financial and legal arrangements for your research contracts:
    • Drafting and legal review of clauses pertaining to confidentiality, collaboration, financing, consortium, etc.;
    • Assistance in the development of financial annexes and evaluation of the costs of the resources used (human resources, consumables, equipment and platforms, etc.)
  • in partnership with existing structures, for the detection and protection of your research results.

The Project Development and Engineering Department is your local contact for support and guidance.


Affiliated institution(s)
Development Department

Your contacts:

  • Michel LABROUSSE: team leader and project manager for Centrale Innovation. Negotiation and monitoring of industrial contracts and framework agreements.
  • Yolaine LEBEAU ( European project officer, Centrale Innovation. Negotiation and follow-up of H2020 and Horizon Europe European projects
  • Paul-Louis RONDELOT ( Centrale Nantes project officer. Negotiation and follow-up of regional, ADEME, bpifrance and France 2030 agreements.
  • Lauriane GAUTHIER ( Carnot MERS and WEAMEC project officer. Negotiation and monitoring of ANR projects and support for the maritime sector
  • Amandine GASCH ( Centrale Nantes project officer and I-SITE NExT project manager. Negotiation and monitoring of projects. Monitoring and legal support. Detection, pre-maturation and co-maturation of intellectual property assets.

For any other inquiry contact:
Published on January 16, 2018 Updated on March 7, 2024