Research Institute in Civil and Mechanical Engineering (GeM)

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Authority : Ecole Centrale de Nantes, University of Nantes, CNRS

Reference : UMR6183


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The activities of the different research groups are focused on 'Materials, Structures and Processes' with the main objective of developing and implementing integrated approaches covering the design, production and operation of industrial components (in aeronautics, automotive, energy, civil engineering sectors etc). A wide range of materials is covered: geomaterials, metals, polymers, composites. Research into 'Processes' focuses particularly on rheology and assembly and more generally on the use of materials.

The research teams are also all involved in analysing the in-service functionality of structural components: performance under extreme mechanical and environmental conditions (earthquake, crash), sustainability in the broadest sense (especially risk management, lifecycle analysis).

To develop predictive analytical methods for short and medium term application in industry, the laboratory draws on core skills and expertise shared by the different research groups. This expertise takes root in experimental techniques, modelling and numerical simulation.

A specific objective of the laboratory is to develop experimental methods with regard to the implementation of full-scale test benches, or replicating real industrial conditions, and equipped with multi-physical instrumentation. Work is also underway to develop surveillance and measurement methods based on optical methods (fibres etc). The modelling methods developed in the laboratory are particularly focused on non-linear, multi-scale and multi-physical aspects, including the integration of uncertainty. Innovative numerical methods are also developed with a direct link to this modelling and experimental characterisation work, in particular with regard to coupling and durability. In addition, considerable emphasis is placed on model reduction techniques.
Published on June 19, 2009 Updated on August 1, 2023