How to enrol for a PhD at Centrale Nantes

There are three steps to follow to enrol for a PhD at Centrale Nantes:

1. Pre-enrolment with the Centrale Nantes PhD Office

You will need to send the following documents for pre-enrolment:

  • Latest grade transcript for your master's degree (or equivalent)
  • Your PhD thesis subject
  • A funding agreement (CDE, CIFRE, private law contract, grant, employee, etc.)
  • Your CV

2. Online application on AMETHIS for doctoral school enrolment

Log on to the Amethis web site:
  • Complete the information online (sections 1 to 10)
  • Download the required documents (section 11) 
  • Please consult the FAQ for any questions that may arise (Inscription et réinscription en doctorat)
  • It is possible to submit your application in several stages, with automatic registration.
  • Only submit your application when all the sections have been completed and the documents attached.

International co-supervision agreement (co-tutelle internationale)

If you wish to set up an international co-supervision agreement for your PhD, you must download the draft co-supervision agreement, complete it with your PhD supervisor and send it by e-mail to:
The doctoral school coordinator will check the application: it must be complete and include all supporting documents. If it is not, you will be informed by email of any corrections that need to be made and you will be given access to the modify the application accordingly.

► SIS Contact:
► MASTIC Contact

Once the doctoral school coordinator has checked and approved the application, the project director, the laboratory director and the doctoral school director will record their views on AMETHIS. Once this stage has been completed, you will receive an automatic e-mail from AMETHIS confirming your enrolment.

3. Enrolment as a student at Centrale Nantes

You will receive an e-mail from the Onboard application inviting you to complete your enrolment with Student Affairs at Centrale Nantes.

As a guide, for the 2024-2025 year, the fees are as follows:

  • €103 for the student and campus life contribution (CVEC)
  • €391 for PhD tuition fees (to be confirmed by publication of a decree by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research)
These fees are payable each time you re-register for a PhD until you have defended your thesis.

Once you have paid your fees:

Your Centrale Nantes IT account will be automatically created. You will receive an activation e-mail containing your login details and your institutional e-mail address, and you will be added to the School's and Doctoral School's mailing list.
Your enrolment certificate can be downloaded from the Onboard application.

Log on to the Amethis platform with your Centrale Nantes login to obtain a student account on Amethis where you will be able to consult your records and the course catalogue.
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on June 4, 2024