Robotics and Interaction

Cable robots

The CRAFT prototype, which can be found in the LS2N, building S at Centrale Nantes, is a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (CDPR) comprising eight actuators, eight cables, a moving-platform and sensors for measuring cable tension. This prototype is mainly intended for collaborative robotics tasks in large spaces, while being modular and reconfigurable according to the task to be carried out. CDPRs are characterised by a high payload, a large translational workspace and low inertia. Therefore, CDPRs can be used for many applications, such as the precise handling and assembly of large and heavy parts, additive manufacturing of large parts, and the laying of fibres to make composite parts.

The development of the CRAFT prototype was supported by the ANR CRAFT project, (ANR-18-CE10-0004), and by the European COVR ROCABLE project, COVR Grant agreement ID: 779966 Funded under H2020-EU.2.1.1


Bio-inspired robotics

The Robotics and Living Organisms research group in the Laboratory of Digital Sciences of Nantes (LS2N) has developed extensive expertise in the field of biorobotics through projects mainly concerning bio-inspired modes of locomotion such as fish swimming, snake slithering, insect wing flapping, etc., as well as perception using electric fields.

LS2N is using the AviNeck demonstrator to validate models, simulators and robotic controllers capable of reproducing the functions of bird necks, and to transfer this knowledge to design solutions by linking biology and robotics. For roboticists, the bird's neck is a hyper-redundant manipulator on board a mobile locomotion system.
Published on November 16, 2023 Updated on April 22, 2024