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PhD Office

The PhD Office (Pôle Doctoral) at Centrale Nantes welcomes and guides students wishing to enter the PhD programme:
  • Manages pre-enrolment and collects the necessary information
  • Helps students with the application process.
It is the main point of contact for future PhD students, directing them to:
  • Student Affairs for enrolment as student of Centrale Nantes
  • The relevant doctoral school to check the student's documentation

The PhD Office team at Centrale Nantes

Head of the PhD Office
Frédéric GRONDIN
Admin assistant
Christelle DANAIS

Doctoral Schools

Centrale Nantes is the support institution for the SIS Doctoral School. The SIS (Engineering and Systems Sciences) Doctoral School provides doctoral students with a first professional experience through 3-year research training and an internationally recognised degree.

Engineering and Systems Sciences - SIS
Centrale Nantes is involved in the MaSTIC doctoral school (Mathematics and Digital, Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies) which brings together programmes for doctoral students in the ST1 Mathematics and ST6 STIC sectors.

Mathematics and Digital, Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies - MASTIC

What is the role of a doctoral school?:
  • Organize the training of PhD students;
  • Prepare PhD students for their future careers;
  • Offer a multidisciplinary culture within the framework of a coherent scientific project.
  • Contribute to the international visibility of the programme;
  • Ensure that PhD students receive training in scientific ethics and integrity;
  • Raise awareness of open science
Published on April 3, 2024 Updated on April 23, 2024