[Software] SPAIM Software
Programming of machine-tools in STEP-NC language

SPAIM software (STEP-NC Platform for Advanced and Intelligent Manufacturing) is software to support the programming of machine tools in STEP-NC language, with the following functionalities:
  • Programming of machine tools directly in STEP-NC language (ISO 14649)
  • Rapid integration of directly translated changes into STEP-NC programming
  • Graphical visualization of STEP-NC programming (manufacturing range, machined elements and machining paths)
This software optimizes the management of the digital chain and programming of any manufacturing machine.

Potential applications

Any manufacturing machine.

Advantages of the technology

Adaptability for diverse strategies
Bidirectional integration of the digital chain


SPAIM software registered with the APP in January 2014.

Current state of development

Software developed in Pascal.


GeM - Research Institute in Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Jean-Yves Hascoet
Published on December 13, 2017 Updated on February 27, 2024