[Patent] Numerical Simulation
Method and device for the real-time simulation of complex systems and processes

The invention relates to a method for the real-time dynamic simulation of the response of a system or of a complex process driven by a plurality of pilot factors.

Abstract - A method for a real-time dynamic simulation of a response of a complex system or process controlled by a plurality of driving factors Pi (i=1 . . . k), each varying in a given range of variation. The range of variation of the driving factor Pi is discretized into NPi values. A prior parametric model of simulation is obtained in the form of a functional equation connecting the response to variations in the plurality of driving factors for any combination of values of the driving factors. Their range of variation is in the form of a sum of N modes that are functions of the factors. Each mode is defined for each of the NPi discretized values. The parametric model is stored in the form of a computer program in an independent device comprising a processor capable of running the program.

Potential applications

  • Simulator – Training
  • Structural design
  • Systems engineering "forecasting"
  • Process controls (manufacturing)
  • System control (by simulation - DDDAS)

Advantages of the technology

  • Provides real time feedback of a simulation compared to a system
  • Makes calculation instantaneous
  • Contains "dimensional explosion"


  • Patent filed in France on 1st November 2011
  • EP and US Extensions

Current state of development

Several prototypes for concrete applications have been developed and tested.


Research Institute of Civil and Mechanical Engineering - GeM

Francisco CHINESTA
Published on December 12, 2017 Updated on February 27, 2024