Perception, Action, Cognition for Design and Ergonomics - PACCE Research group

PACCE - Perception, Action, Cognition pour la Conception et l'Ergonomie

Research field

The PACCE research group is developing expertise in human modeling, human-machine cooperation and system design. The main issues addressed are perception (sensory analysis, psychophysical approach, visual exploration, haptic sensitivity, etc.), action (movement control, haptic guidance, etc) and cognition (spatial cognition, risk management, perceived quality, etc). Ergonomic issues relate to product design, design of virtual environments and cooperative activities amongst humans or between man and machine.

Research topics

  • Gesture guidance
  • Visual coordination
  • Space cognition
  • Articulation of control levels
  • Risk management
  • Adaptation and resilience
  • Cognitive development
  • Human-human cooperation in the field
  • Human-human cooperation in virtual environments
  • Human-machine cooperation
Published on March 20, 2017 Updated on April 11, 2023