MÉLUHSINE-Numerical Modelling in Hydrodynamics for Health and Engineering Research group

Head: Guillaume OGER (IR/HDR)

Research fields

The MELUHSINE research group specializes in the numerical study of complex flows, covering a wide range of applications in Engineering (for instance automotive, aeronautics, renewable energies) and in the field of Health (hearts, blood circulation and all other biological flows).

The targeted applications have in common to involve complex physical effects such as:
  • Presence of multi-phases
  • Presence of solid walls with complex, rigid or deformable geometries
  • Fluid-structure interactions with large displacements/large deformations- Presence of free boundaries with large deformations
  • Surface tension/contact angles
  • Heat transfers

To explore these topics, the team develops its own digital tools, based on innovative methods. Coupling between methods is also investigated.  
Published on March 25, 2022 Updated on April 22, 2024