IIHNE Research group - IIHNE-Interfaces & Interactions in numerical & Experimental Hydrodynamics

IIHNE-Interfaces & Interactions en Hydrodynamique Numérique & Expérimentale


Head: Benjamin BOUSCASSE

Research fields

The Interfaces & Interactions in Numerical and Experimental Hydrodynamics (IIHNE) research group studies complex hydrodynamic interactions between free-surface flows and solid bodies.

The complexity can originate from different phenomena:

  • Non-linearities in the free-surface/solid body interaction,
  • Large deformations of the free surface,
  • Multi-physical features (especially, fluid-deformable structure interaction),
  • Body motions and wake.

The studies of the research group thus address the physics of free-surface flows (gravity waves, wave-structure interaction, hydrodynamic impact, hydroelastic response), the dynamic behavior of floating marine structures (at local scale through Navier-Stokes equations solving), the development of innovative numerical methods in hydrodynamics in general, the development of original experimental methods and models in marine hydrodynamics.

The structure of the research group is centered around two main physical problems:
  • wave/structure interaction (floating rigid solid bodies),
  • lifting profiles and fluid-structure interaction (deformable solid bodies).
Published on March 19, 2017 Updated on April 22, 2024