DAUC Research group - Dynamics of the Coastal Urban Atmosphere

DAUC - Dynamique de l’Atmosphère Urbaine et Côtière 



Research field

The research activities of the DAUC research group are centred around a common theme: “the study of the dynamic and thermodynamic processes of the lower urban and coastal atmosphere and their interactions with surfaces."

The aim of the research is to support decision-making for sustainable urban development in the context of climate change and the evolution of coastal and continental cities. It is designed to respond to societal and environmental issues concerning the microclimate of cities, air quality and even the optimization of wind energy production.

The DAUC research group adopts four approaches:
  •     Physical modeling in the atmospheric wind tunnel (turbulent flows)
  •     Real-time micro-climatological and meteorological observations
  •     Multi-scale numerical modeling of the urban and coastal atmosphere
  •     Input / output modeling for the extraction of controlled flow dynamics

Research topics

  • Urban Micro-climatology
  • Dynamics of turbulent transfers between the urban canopy and the lower atmosphere
  • Atmospheric processes in complex coastal sites
  • Interaction between aerodynamical boundary layer/control/atmospheric disturbances
Published on March 19, 2017 Updated on April 22, 2024