CRENAU Research group - Urban Architecture Nantes Research Centre

CRENAU - Centre de Recherche Nantais Architectures Urbanités


Head: Thomas LEDUC

Research field

The group’s activities are part of the scientific project of the AAU laboratory. In this context, they cover many themes related to architectural and urban environments, models, public planning activity, virtual and augmented reality, mapping and sensitive representations of the built environment, adaptation of cities to climate change, etc.

Through its history and its composition, the group deploys a wide spectrum of disciplinary skills in architecture, urban planning, sociology, anthropology, computer science, physics, history and arts. It hosts many doctoral students in these fields.

Current research projects

  • SMART FRENCH - Community housing of the “second twentieth century”, through the prism of energy
  • VISURBA - Visualization of spatio-temporal and multi-layer 3D urban data
  • POTLATCH: From the Host to Host: storytelling and immersive scenography in Hotel and Catering, transitional heritage
  • AR'n'BIM - Augmented Reality and BIM - indoor and outdoor augmented reality applications for BIM
Published on March 19, 2017 Updated on April 22, 2024