Centrale Innovation

Centrale Innovation's vocation is to support researchers, faculty and PhD students in the development of their public and industrial research activities, as well as in the development of their commercial activities.
Services available to researchers in coordination with the activities of Centrale Nantes staff:

Support for the development of research results from the Ecoles Centrales:

  • Support for the filing of patents by the schools,
  • Intellectual property management,
  • Market research,
  • Management of pre-application funding,
  • Search for industrial partners,
  • Negotiation of licences.

Management of research contracts:

  • Setting up research projects, particularly at European level,
  • Negotiating industrial property rights,
  • Administrative and financial management/coordination (purchasing, missions, personnel, etc.).

Support for start-up creation:

  • Raising awareness among researchers,
  • Innovation law,
  • Equity investment.

Who is eligible for support?

 Researchers, faculty and PhD students recruited by Centrale Innovation and the Écoles Centrales of Lyon, Nantes and Centrale Méditerranée.
Published on February 26, 2024 Updated on March 21, 2024