Robots and Machines for Manufacturing, Society and Services - RoMAS Research group


Research field

The RoMas research group aims to develop and use scientific tools necessary for the design, development and exploitation of robots, machines, systems or other means for industrial or everyday applications.

Numerical modeling and simulation are coupled with experimental practices, carried out on the different laboratory platforms, but also in industrial conditions using the equipment of our project partners.

The specificity of the team is based on the fact that the design and operation of robot-type systems are mission-oriented. It is the needs that guide the development and the coupling of needs and means that leads to optimal solutions.

Research topics

  • Modeling of manufacturing processes
  • Intelligent control of manufacturing processes
  • Dynamic Robot Optimization
  • Development of robotic solutions in manufacturing
  • Robotics for personal services and healthcare
  • Mechatronic approaches for the intelligent control of innovative assembly processes
Published on March 19, 2017 Updated on April 22, 2024