METHRIC Research Group - Modelling of Incompressible Turbulent Flows at High Reynolds numbers and Couplings

METHRIC - Modélisation des Écoulements Turbulents à Haut Reynolds Incompressibles et Couplages 


Head: Patrick QUEUTEY

Research field

The METHRIC research group works on the numerical modeling of turbulent flows of incompressible viscous fluids around complex geometries under real conditions. METHRIC’s research provides an understanding of vessel / propulsion interactions under real conditions in order to optimize the energy performance of ships.

In the context of hydrodynamics, the team is interested in any type of propulsion system, ie engine / propeller, sail / wind and human strength/ muscle. Its aim is to use numerical modeling to carry out simulations taking into account the different interactions.

Numerical simulation is the main research tool, notably thanks to the calculations carried out on national (IDRIS and CINES) and local machines (High Performance Computing Institute).

Research topics

  • Physical modeling: turbulence, cavitation, interface capture
  • Numerical modeling: precision control and high precision order, automatic mesh adaptation, relative motion
  • Couplings: Flow/movement coupling, fluid/structure interaction
Published on March 18, 2017 Updated on April 22, 2024