Autonomous Robots and Control of Interactions with the Environment - ARMEN Research group

ARMEN - Autonomie des Robots et Maîtrise des interactions avec l'Environnement


Research Field

The ARMEN research group was set up to create original research in the field of autonomous robotics and the control of interactions with the environment. Designing and mastering systems capable of addressing the two facets of the term "environment" (as in the environment in which the robot evolves and in the ecological sense) are two key objectives of the team.

The main challenges are: the gain in precision and speed for a given environment, the gain in autonomy and minimisation of the environmental impact. The objective of the research group is to develop scientific tools and methods to meet these challenges and to prove their effectiveness on demonstrators in real environments.

From its inception, this research group has brought together specialists in mechanics and in automation (control-referenced sensors and perception). The intention is to define new research resulting from this grouping around three research topics:

Research topics

  • design-oriented environment
  • interaction with the environment
  • perception of the environment

The interactions between these different topics allows different facets of the following fields of application to be addressed, giving rise to a number of integrative projects.

Fields of application

  • Control of dynamic systems
  • Evolution in large environments
  • Eco-design of robots
  • Mastering deformable systems
Published on March 19, 2017 Updated on April 22, 2024